Custom-Printing & Formatting

Custom-printing your packaging with your logo
and marketing message 
does wonders for your product’s appeal
and credibility in today’s evolving e-commerce marketplace.

We have made this an affordable reality by some of the lowest industry
rates for either 2-color printing on orders of 5,000 items or more,
and 6-color LITHO printing on orders of 10,000 items or more,
using either our standard boxes, or on packaging
tailored specifically for your products.

Customized packaging to meet all your branding requirements

Our custom-branding facilities are the mainstay of our business, and are designed and produced in-house at our plant.
Our development 
team will work closely with your own graphic designers to ensure your brand has the best possible
effect on your customers. All printed/branded orders require 50% deposit with the order, and 50% on delivery.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for production of printed products.

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Why use our premium packaging?

Quick-Locking Bases
Save Time & Tape

Our cartons are designed with instant,
quick-locking bases, saving you time,
materials, and a LOT of frustration.

Strong Self-Sealing
With No Tape Needed

Our products have the ColomPac®
signature high-strength, self-sealing

strips, with no tape needed

Easy-Open Tear Strips
for Happy Customers!

Our products have tear-open strips
for effortless unpacking. Your customers
will love you for this alone!

Return-Seal Options for
E-Commerce Efficiency

We offer return-seal strips as
an additional option on virtually
all our e-commerce boxes.

And we care about the environment!

Our products are biodegradable, carbon-neutral, climate-friendly,
recyclable, and FSC® certified (see the certification links below).

Did you know


that your purchase of our packaging helps support
the Endangered Child Foundation, whose prime mission is to find
realistic and practical solutions for the rescue and rehabilitation of exploited
and otherwise endangered children, and to support the tactical initiatives of
CTECC, the Child Trafficking, Exploitation, and Cybercrimes Commission.