Large-Format, Impact-Resistant Packaging
for Art Prints, Calendars, Photographs + More

CP 036

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Applications & Advantages

Special bend-resistant packaging for calendars and artwork with all-round edge protection, and depth up to 35 mm.

  • Self-sealing strip saves time and materials … no tape needed.
  • Additional self-sealing strip for secure, tamper-proof shipment of larger calendars.
  • Easy-open tear strip for happy customers.
  • Variable-depth folding flaps up to 35 mm.
  • Simple handling thanks to central filling format.
  • Strong corners bend-resistant, with all-round edge protection.
  • Stand-up feature for display purposes.
  • Conforms to US safety standards to prevents paper-cut injuries.
  • FSC® and Climate-Friendly certified.

Specifications + Prices per Item

Sold only by the pallet.

SKU # Inner Dimensions Item Weight Per Pallet Items per Pallet
CP 036.08 L 500 x 340 x <25 mm 222 gm € 1,064.00 1,160 Order Now
CP 036.09 XL 655 x 485 x <25 mm 402 gm € 1,108.00 560 Order Now
CP 036.10 XXL 720 x 530 x <25 mm 460 gm € 1,272.00 560 Order Now
We offer a flat-rate of €25 for shipping of all orders within the European Union & Schengen Area.
Prices are per item in Euros, excluding VAT. Orders once shipped cannot be returned or refunded.
Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet.
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Why use ColomPac® premium packaging?

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Quality Without Compromise!

Our products are of first-class quality
without compromise. Our products are
carbon-neutral, FSC® certified, in Kraftliner
grades, so things arrive in one piece.

Pack Easy, Pack Fast, Pack Safe.

Our products have the ColomPac®
signature high-strength, self-sealing strips,
saving you packing time, a whole load of
tape, not to mention exasperation!

Easy to Open = Happy Customers!

Our products have the ColomPac®
signature tear-open strip for effortless
unpacking. Your customers will
love you for that alone!

Time-Saving, Quick-Base Design

We’re also concerned about your budget …
our cartons are designed with instant
bases for quick assembly, saving you time,
materials, and a LOT of frustration.

. . . and we care about the environment!