Product fulfillment to virtually anywhere,
and for one simple price per item!

There is a lot to be said for having just one company handle all your packaging, fulfillment, direct mail,
inventory control, and logistics for distributing your products to their targeted markets. Whether you are
sending out one item at a time to individual customers, or bulk orders to your supply chain or wholesalers,
we provide the services you need to just about anywhere, and at one simple price-per-item.

Our Special Fulfillment Rates for Items Up to 2 Kg
from Europe to Almost Anywhere

Rates include pick+pack, ColomPac® premium packaging, and postage … one simple price per item.
Please note: We have a minimum fulfilment requirement of 500 products per month.

Item Weight Within Germany To EU countries To the USA + Canada To all other countries Max. Dimensions
500 gm or less € 6,50 € 9,20
€ 9,90
€ 11,90
L + B + H: max. 90 cm
501 – 1.000 gm € 7,15 € 13,75
€ 14,75
€ 14,95
L + B + H: max. 90 cm
1.001 – 2.000 gm € 9,95 € 23,25
€ 25,25
€ 27,25
L + B + H: max. 90 cm
For items heavier than 2.000 gm (2 kg) please request a quotation.

What’s included in our per-item rates:

  • Receiving your products at our fulfillment facility.
  • Organizing your products in our climate-controlled warehouses.
  • Incorporating your products into our electronic inventory system.
  • Acceptance of customers’ orders from your eCommerce system.
  • Picking of ordered products from your stored inventory.
  • Packing of products using ColomPac® premium packaging.
  • Shipping of products to your customers within 24 hours.
  • Itemized notifications to you of products shipped.
  • Carrier tracking information where available.
  • Weekly summaries of items fulfilled and accounting.

Important Considerations, Terms + Conditions:

  • What is Pick+Pack?

    Pick+Pack is the process of removing your products from inventory in our fulfillment facility, placing them in specialized packaging, labelling and applying postage, and dispatching them to your individual customers or in bulk to your resellers, and inventory and accounting control. Our one-price-per-item shown includes all of the above including postage.
    We pack each of your products with the greatest of care. Whether books, software, medical or electronic devices, spare parts, or virtually any tangible item, we carefully pack your products in ColomPac® intelligently designed, impact-resistant, premium book wraps or boxes.
  • How We Control Inventory

    We provide precise, electronic inventory control over your products’ fulfillment and distribution, as well as comprehensive and efficient accounting and billing, with live access online at any given time. We are able to integrate our system with most of the online eCommerce and fulfillment services such as ShipStation®, Shopify®, Woocommerce®, etc.
  • Getting Your Products to Us

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) is not responsible for the logistics and costs involved in getting your products to one of of our fulfillment facilities or warehouses. Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, UG (Germany) may, if contracted to do so, arrange such logistics by prior agreement with you, and any such arrangements must be prepaid. Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, UG (Germany) may elect to ship products from any of its locations if deemed more appropriate with regard to timeliness and/or cost.
    For distribution in North America (the USA and Canada), products should be sent to our facility near Long Beach, California:
    Pegasus Pack+Ship Solutions
    1400 E. 33rd Street
    Signal Hill
    CA 90755
    For distribution within Europe or to other countries outside North America, products should be sent to our facility near Regensburg, Germany:
    Pegasus Media Solutions
    Von Miller Straße 12
    D-93092 Barbing-Regensburg
  • Returns

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) cannot accept or process returned items from your customers, or any party to whom we have fulfilled or shipped products. All returns will be redirected to your company or business address for handling.
  • Payment Terms

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) grants 7 days credit terms to its customers for whom it fulfills up to 1,500 products each month, and 14 days credit for fulfillment of more than 1,500 or more products per month. Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) reserves the right to discontinue any fulfillment services if its invoices for previously fulfilled products remain unpaid.
    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) accepts all major credit or debit cards, PayPal®, and inter-bank wire transfers using IBAN or BIC (Swiftcodes). Payments may be made by check in the USA only. Checks are, however, cleared electronically within 24 hours.
    If we are handling the logistics of picking up your products from your warehouse or manufacturer for shipping to our warehouses, we require prepayment in full of the pickup and shipping costs. In the event that any local taxes, VAT, or import duties apply, payment for these must also be made by return upon invoice.
  • Warehousing + Storage

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) charges storage for standard air pallets in its warehouses of €12 (USD$ 15) per month, except for the first pallet which is free. Pallet storage is billed separately on a monthly basis for all customers.
  • Customs Bonds, Import Duties and Taxes

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) is not responsible for any additional fees such as for customs or import duties, bonds, or local taxes (including sales tax or VAT). You agree to pay for any such fees as part of the billing process for fulfillment by Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe). All such bonds, duties, or taxes must be paid prior to any fulfillment of products taking place.
    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) represents that it will do all possible to turn products around and deliver them in an efficient and timely manner, but cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping products to your customers that are beyond our reasonable control.
  • Prohibited Products

    Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) shall not be held responsible for any products delivered for fulfillment that contravene any laws that prohibit such products either within the jurisdiction of the acceptance country or countries, or the destination country or countries of your products. It is not the responsibility of Pegasus Pack+Ship, LLC (USA), or Pegasus Media Solutions, BV (Europe) to ascertain what items are prohibited with relevant jurisdictions.
    Please note special new regulations about lithium batteries on aircraft. Click here to learn more >>

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Smart, functional, economical packaging
for virtually anything you can imagine!

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We supply and use award-winning ColomPac® high-quality specialized packaging products for most of our fulfillment services. Good packaging is about functionality. For decades, ColomPac® has been working to make packaging as easy and perfect as possible for all kinds of things, large or small, simple or valuable, important or not so important.
ColomPac® focuses on the details: self-sealing, tear- open strips, reinforced impact-resistant edges, packing speed, and optimized weights and postal charges—well-made products that you can rely on for sending “real” things safely from here to there.